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FWC Ministries


The plan of the Division of Discipleship is to answer God’s call to make disciples of every person we meet.



This team leads children of all ages into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible teaching, worship, prayer, hands-on activities, personal interaction, and other tasks. Ministry for nursery through grade five are available at all services.  Our Sunday Ministries include Elementary (1st-5th Grades), Wee Kids (Ages 4-5), Cubbies (Ages 2-3) & Nursery. Our Wednesday Ministries include, Boys & Girls Clubs (1st-5th Grades), Wee Kids (Ages 4-5), Cubbies (Ages 2-3) & Nursery.



This team is passionate about teaching, building and supporting teenagers with the powerful, life-changing Word of God. This team believes that every changed life will change more lives, so they give their time and talent to creating dynamic service and small group experiences that are relevant to this generation.

Growth Track-family worship center


As the official hosts of Next Steps, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout the two steps in Next Steps. Next Step is a way for us to teach people about our mission, vision and core values at FWC. It also helps them tap into the God given gifts that have been given to them & how they can plug them in, in an area of ministry! If you would like to become an official member of FWC this will teach you all about it!